These precious words were written by my son to his dad, for Father’s Day.

A son who is a dad himself, but a dad who for the 8th year won’t be receiving a card, having his breakfast brought to him by his daughter, as he has had no contact since 2007.

He will be just one of many thousands of dads who will be apart from their children, a day spent in quiet reflection, but it is of course not just one day that dads feel empty and desolate.

Every day they go about their daily routine with a void in their hearts, hearts that are broken,wondering if their children are happy, if they are healthy and ok.

I can’t answer those questions but what I do know is that those children, although my feel miles away they are still in the hearts of all dads, they will never forget you, whatever happens in their young lives, whoever comes in and out of their lives, you are always their dad.

You are all their heroes and role models.