I have just heard of another very sad passing of someone who had the ability to make me laugh out loud, comedian Victoria Wood.

Only this week family and friends of Ronnie Corbett gathered together to celebrate his life, fork handles will never be the same!

They say laughter is the best medicine and I would whole heartily agree, the ability to make people laugh is a gift.

To raise someone spirits when they may well be feeling low, must be wonderful, there is nothing like a sad face suddenly bursting into a smile.

Faces change beyond all recognition when taken over by laughter, all the stresses of the day just simply disappear.

What a fantastic legacy, that everyone is talking about how Victoria Wood made them see the funny side of life.

I will finish with just one of her quotes : I haven’t got a waist. I’ve just got a sort of place, a bit like an unmarked level crossing. Victoria Wood.

There will be a great party up in heaven with all those musicians and comedians.