Link to Sunday Mirrors article:

I was very interested to read comments on social networking sites on this article.

Personally I never read comments written in newspapers as have learnt from bitter experience how hateful they can be. People write things that they know nothing about, they call you horrible names ect, but I went on a well known Fathers support page, and there were many comments from grandparents who are going through this heartbreak.

And then there are the comments from parents who say they will never let the grandparents have a relationship with the grandchildren, and much more. And the comments that say it is only Paternal grandparents that are denied contact.

Firstly, I have written before that of course there are a very small number of grandparents who should not be in a grandchild’s life, ┬ábut it is a very small number. Equally as we know only too well, there is a very small number of parents who should not be in their child’s life, but again it is a very small number.

The other myth is that it is always Paternal grandparents who are denied contact with their grandchildren, in my experience Maternal grandparents are also affected, many daughters fall out with their Mothers and Fathers.

The point that gets missed all the time, and I keep on saying, is that this is not about the adults and their rights, it is about the rights of the children.

The focus has to be the children.

The latest available figures from the Office for National Statistics show the divorce rate in England and Wales has gone up – from 117,558 divorces in 2011 to 118,140 in 2012.

Those statistics are only for divorcing couples, if you add up the grandparents who are denied contact due to family feud or bereavement the numbers are enormous.

We are now facing a society where it is the norm to come from a fractured family, fundamental breakdown of society as we know it.