Once again I find myself  and the group being  attacked, this time  via email.

Of course the person has  hidden behind a pseudonym.

It discredits me and the group and the members within it.

As those who have been with me since the beginning of BGSG will know, there have now been several occasions such as this.

Although I am constantly told to grow a thicker skin, and to send stuff like this email into the trash folder where it belongs, it is not that easy.

Do these people have any understanding at all of the damage this sort of thing inflicts? Not just to me but to every single member of the group, there is one reason that people are members of BGSG and that is because they have lost a precious relationship with their grandchildren, the group should be a place where grandparents feel safe and understood and listened to.

Actions like this, do nothing at all for the cause, in fact it puts it back years.

I assume that the author of this particular piece of writing, is probably reading this as well, so, please remember no comments are published without being moderated.