I,like many people sat and watched the item on Victoria Derbyshire programme yesterday,http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02pjh1j where she was interviewing a dad who had been accused of horrific acts of abuse with his children, the accusations made by his children.

Recently it was found that he had been wrongly accused, and that after 3 interviews with Police the children said that it had all been made up. It appears that their Mum and new boyfriend had in fact been making the children say these things, they videoed the children making the accusations and then posted them on the internet.

The dad says at the end of the interview, that it all started when he was trying to sort out contact with his children.

I am at a total loss as to why anyone, would do this to their children, we can not possibly imagine the damage done to them, not only physically but mentally, will they ever trust anyone again. let alone the fact the those videos are still out there and always will be.

One thing that was very revealing for me, were the comments left on Victoria Derbyshires’ FB page, it showed so clearly what anyone who is trying to get the truth out there on this subject, ¬†are up against, people who are vicious to the extreme.

Several had said that the mother should have been allowed to tell her side, it was said that the BBC had tried to contact her with a right to reply, and had heard nothing, no surprise there.

This dad was brave enough to tell the harrowing story of his experience, the judge who presided was also aware that he was going public, as you know anything to do with the Family Justice court is done in secrecy, which is why the truth is not known.

I listen to unbelievable stories almost daily, but the harsh reality is they are not stories, they are reality. People being accused of the most horrendous acts, being accused of harassment for sending a birthday card, being questioned by Police,ordinary people caught up in an epidemic of family destruction.

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship, we can’t see eye to eye with everyone all the time, we can agree to disagree, but for family members to try to destroy another is and always will be beyond my comprehension.

As for me, I tried to be a good gran, clearly I wasn’t, as it is now 8 years since we heard anything from our granddaughter.

My thoughts today are with the children who are working hard to try and see the sense of it all.