In France it is enshrined in law that grandchildren have a right to a relationship with their grandparents if they choose to.

Excerpt from French Law

  1. c) Persons other than parents(e.g.grandparents,stepparents,siblingsetc…)

For grandparents65 see Art. 371-4 French CC: The child has the right to have personal relationships with his grandparents. This right can be suppressed only for very serious reasons. The provision concerns all ascendants (ancestors) of the child, so great grandparents also have a contact right with the child. Only the relatives that are concerned have standing to bring a claim before court.66 Generally the courts presume that personal relationships between the child and the child’s grandparents are in the child’s interests.67 Lower courts are free to discern (without possibility of appeal on this issue) whether to grant contact rights to the grandparents;68 the Cour de cassation does not control this discretion. For a case of denial of contact rights to a grandparent because of a very difficult family past, see CA Lyon, 14.03.2000, Dr. famille 2000, No. 126 annotated BERTHET.


This is the way we should be moving, to enshrine in law.