As the sun rises on a new day,

15years ago you came into the world,

A special girl, so much to look forward to,

I raised a glass or to, to the future,

The wonder of that first sight of you,

Cuddled close in my arms,

Devoted Dad watching your every move,

Eyes wide open, so wise, so sure,

A new chapter in our lives.

7 wonderful years, of fun and laughter,

Glue, glitter and sunflower planting,

Such memories, privileged days,

8 years now since we saw that smile,

A smile to melt any heart,

Days now of wondering,

I wonder if you are happy, still smiling,

Never think we stopped loving you,

We all miss you every new day,

Birthday wishes and hope are coming your way,

Remember to smile, to melt hearts and to care.

Live your live, lovely lady, spread those wings and fly.

Have a magical day, darling.

In our hearts forever, not just today.

Jane (Rights reserved 2015.)