I am sure you are all familiar with Kathy Danby, 72 year old grandmother who was imprisoned for hugging her granddaughter.


It is an astonishing case, but it is not a one off by any means.

These cases are still happening, but because of the nature of the family justice system grandparents and other family members are gagged and so the public have no idea of what is taking place in our courts.

Grandparents find themselves living in fear of saying anything, the truth of not only of what they are being put through but what their grandchildren are having to endure.

I know I for one , am sick of defending myself to Jo Public, when they say things like, “you should sort it out,” or the classic of when I say my son doesn’t see his daughter, Mr: Public will say “ He has a legal right to see his daughter,” Mmmm, we all know both remarks are naive in the extreme.

Please anyone who is reading this who has a wonderful relationship with their grandchildren, not only give them an extra special hug today, read on as this can happen to absolutely anyone at all.

In the case of Kathy Danby, if you read it carefully you will read the word ‘purge’, yes it really does say purge.

In 2015 is the word still really used?

Yes it is in a court of law.

~Law Atone for or wipe out (contempt of court):

he has a right to apply to the court to purge his contempt~

Allegedly, if you find yourself in contempt you can ‘purge’ yourself of all your wickedness of just wanting a loving relationship with your grandchildren, even if those grandchildren want to be part of your life.

Clearly if a grandchild wants to see their grandparents, why is it not in the ‘child’s best interest’ to do so?

I don’t know why family relationships deteriorate so badly that one party wants to inflict so much pain and hurt, I hesitate to use the word hate, but that is what does happen, the hate takes on a journey of no return.

At no time at all is this about the child involved, it probably never has been about the child, this is about the evils of revenge, for whatever reason.

The revengeful will hide behind the innocent child, on the pretence of acting this way for the well-being of the child.

A question for those who have taken unacceptable actions against a family member, who do you think will win this one?

I will give you the answer, NO-ONE.

Do you honestly believe that to deny contact makes for a healthy, happy relationship with your child, think again.

As a say, it is a point of no return.

The children who find themselves in this situation, will never forgive you, you have let them down.

There are no winners in this.

When I read comments from those who have chosen this route such as, ‘Over my dead body will my children see their grandparents,’ I despair.

Adult children who have been used as weapons in a family war find out the truth and will turn against those who have behaved in such an appalling way.

As I say, no winners.