Today 19 people  joined us at our regular meeting of BGSG.

The outpouring of kindness and compassion was outstanding, we had several new members who came for the first time, it is always so hard to attend a support group meeting for the first time, but within minutes they are made to feel so welcome, yes tears do fall but an outstretched hand means so much.

Although I have witnessed this for many years now, it never ceases to amaze me.

Not one of us want to be in the position we are all in, being apart from our grandchildren, but Marc and I have met some truly wonderful people, people we would never had met had this not happened to us.

We are eternally grateful for their friendship and feel blessed to know them all.

We come together facing the struggle and challenge on how to get through this heartbreak, it is what connects us.

It is the kindness that is shown that helps to lift people up. Their skill in listening is given freely and with care.

When we ask ourselves the same question,’how can this have happened?’  there is no answer so we need to focus on ourselves and be the very best person we can be.

We can not be defined by what has happened, it is how we react to it that makes us stronger.

As I said, tears do fall but every single person left here smiling, that is due to pure kindness of others.

Thank you everyone.