One of the things we do is to try and have a presence at a variety of events, to raise the profile of BGSG.

Yesterday we set off to a community fair, those of you who have done such events will know that you have to take quite a lot of equipment with you.

Tables, tablecloths,posters, booklets, leaflets, mugs, pens, key rings, pens, float, roller banners, stones to try and prevent banner from falling over, food, drink, seats, to name just a few.

I find myself watching the weather forecast every few minutes, do we need coats, suncream, umbrellas !

It was supposed to be a lovely day, as we started to unload, down came the rain, Marc was last seen driving off to retrieve the gazebo which we had left at home, whilst I sheltered under someone else’s gazebo.

Wondering what on earth to do with soggy leaflets.

Ch2rHArW0AAUoD_Luckily, it stopped raining, Marc returned with gazebo, which of course had a broken bit, which dangled precariously from the roof, a danger of it having someones eye out.

Gaffer tape, to the rescue!

Once things were up and running, we met lots of lovely people, some who are facing estrangement themselves, others who wanted to talk about what we do and those who asked why on earth do grandparents need support?

They know now.

Our local MP Charlotte Leslie was there and asked to have a photo taken with us, whatever your thoughts or political views are, Charlotte has always been very supportive and is always ready to meet with us,for which I thank her.

It was along day, but a worthwhile one.

We have several different events to attend over the coming months, so it will be back to checking the forecast and basically not taking any notice of it at all.

The weather doesn’t matter but the communication does.