Everyone who puts their head above the parapet risks the danger of being a target to some vindictive, malicious and sad individuals.

All groups who are trying to do their best  constantly get ‘spat’ at, often by the very people who they are/were helping.

If I have learnt anything over the last 8 years it is that with the genuine help from others you  get up, dust yourself off and carry on.

What I want to know though is, what are these people gaining?

These are grandparents, grandparents who are all suffering the loss of grandchildren in their lives, so why do they do this?

It is true to say that all perpetrators are searching for a victim, well I for one will not  succumb.

The damage that these incidents cause is enormous, damage and distrust to the very group they have sought help from, people like themselves who have been denied contact with their grandchildren.

There are many groups especially on FB offering help and support, if you are part of a group that isn’t quite what you were looking for then surely you just leave that group?

You don’t sit quietly waiting in the wings for an opportunity to try and bring that  group down.

The support and care I have received from  wonderful people is bigger than any of the few individuals who are hell bent on causing hurt, pain and destruction.