All social media has its place, it is a great tool to reach out to people quickly.

For those who use Facebook or Twitter ect will know that when you write something people can click on a button that records they ‘like’ it, so what happens if no-one ‘likes’ it?

We have a whole generation growing up believing that the 450 ‘friends’ they have on social media are real, that if someone doesn’t comment or ‘like’ they are being snubbed or ignored. The reality is that those 450 ‘friends’ are not friends in the real sense.

On Twitter you can find out how many people have followed you or unfollowed you, does it matter?

Not to me it doesn’t.

Communication is vital in our lives and social media is just one way, running a charity and support group, social media enables bringing people together who may live miles away or in different countries, particularly for those living alone and feeling low it has become a lifeline.

Every site, forum or advice group will have hundreds of people who are ‘members’ not all of those members take an active role, but the same applies in face to face groups, there are those who find talking and sharing ok, others will just sit and listen and take comfort in just being a part of that community.

The fact that a blog, a post or a comment isn’t ‘liked’ has no real significance at all.

The same applies to the ‘trolls’ on the internet, they are keyboard warriors who hide behind their anonymity, if you met them in real life they would not behave the way they do in virtual life.

So, we need to put social media where it belongs, as a useful tool, nothing more nothing less.

Now I must just check my analytics to see how many people have read my blog today! Possibly not.