This morning I received a letter from a grandparent, every word written had been written with care.

Letters such as this one, underpin everything BGSG stands for, to be able to support people either one to one or just by writing blogs that apparently help people is lovely to know.

I ‘witter’ away here on my blogs about this and that, and to know that they make a difference to people is lovely.

I have thanked the author of the letter of course, but I would like to thank her again publicly.

Receiving a letter is always special.

All to often we just grab our lap tops or iPads ect and dash off an email, I suppose it is a bit like the difference between a real book or a Kindle! Holding a letter in your hands is so much nicer.

I have often thought about setting up a letter writing service.

If anyone is interested in writing letters to grandparents, let me know.

Obviously I would have to have permission on both sides.

So once again, thank you for making my day.