Today ┬áRadio 4, did a phone-in the subject was, “What can we learn from the Queens generation.”

I didn’t have to think very long.

I thought, family.

The Queen and her generation know the value and importance of family. It certainly hasn’t been plain sailing for them and all played out very publicly.

I actually wanted to think about that generation, rather than just one person.

In modern day society family values have been erased. It has become the norm for children to come from a separated family , it seems to have reached epidemic proportions.

Children having to choose between one parent or another, adult children making the choice to estrange themselves from family members, and over one million children in the UK being denied contact with their grandparents due to family breakdown.

Family should be the solid foundation for children to grow up in feeling loved and cared for, enabling them to flourish and grow unhindered from adult conflict.

Every family member is a link in the chain of security and stability, once the link has broken the strength has gone.

We have to get back to respecting and valuing the family unit.