If you are in a relationship with someone and you have children, it is both people who are responsible for the welfare of the children, if the relationship breaks down those responsibilties are still the same.

The government has plans to bring in sanctions for those who don’t pay child maintenance¬†http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29903435¬†, it is right that both parents pay towards the upbringing of their children.

My question is this, if government are prepared to penalise a parent in this, when are they going to have the power of their convictions in punishing the millions of resident parents who not only receive child maintenance but do not allow the non resident parent contact with their children enabling the children to the love and care of both parents, which is their right?

When I discuss this with MP’s they are always very sympathetic about the breach of contact orders, but they never do anything about it, it is a political hot potato.

What is beyond me is that if a contact order is breached, the law has been broken. If we break the law in any other way we are punished, in this situation it just doesn’t happen.

One argument is that it would be ‘detrimental’ to the children if a resident parent was punished, what a ridiculous statement that is. I would argue it is more than detrimental if a child is denied contact with one parent it is emotional abuse.

With a general election looming, maybe we need to be asking the question, ” Will your party, enforce contact orders and punish those who breach those orders?”