Today I received a card which said, ‘Easter Blessings,’ a wonderful sentiment and a word that we don’t use or think about enough.


When we are surrounded by personal sadness and a world that is filled with tragedy it is so easy to think negative thoughts, we become fearful of living our lives. We become  consumed by anger and regrets, asking ourselves what the future holds.

We have no way of knowing what is to be, all we can be certain of is what has been and what is happening this minute in time.

So it is a good time to pause and just count our blessings.

Blessings are all around us, from the birds singing in the morning to the love we feel for people we are close to. We are all blessed in so many ways, most we don’t even notice.

Once we have looked at our own blessings, it is time to pass those blessings on to someone else. To the neighbour who has no family, to the homeless person needing a sign that they are valued, to the older person who has not spoken to anyone for a week, to the person who is needing a hand to hold.

Blessings are not really about how many we have, but being able to give to someone else, we need each other more than ever in the world today. Blessings bring you your own happiness.

If we constantly worry about what is to come, we have missed today.