This time of year is a reflective time.

Easter, was according to religious belief,  a time of betrayal, a time when one person was let down by those they loved and trusted, people who were concerned only about themselves.

It was also a time for forgiveness. To forgive someone who has betrayed you takes strength and courage.

It was also a time of new beginnings and new life.

Whether you are someone who has a faith or not, we can all identify with betrayal, forgiveness and hope.

We all feel betrayed by loved ones, we live in hope, the most difficult word of course is forgiveness.

I know that many of you say you can’t forgive or you will never forgive how someone has betrayed you, but for me I can’t be at peace if I don’t forgive, I will never forget but I have to have the strength to forgive.

If I live my life with feelings of hatred, anger and revenge, what is it saying about me?

I don’t want to be eaten up by the acidity of those feelings.

Of course it hurts, of course it is painful and much more besides but it is not about me, it is not about how someone has treated me it is about how the betrayal has affected the children.

My emotions when thinking of the children is just one of deep, deep sadness.

So as we pass through the renewal of Easter, I for one will try to gain strength and courage to let the past remain in the past and to look forward to whatever the future holds.

I wish everyone peace of mind.