A while ago we launched our befriending service, where grandparents have agreed to make a commitment to contact another grandparent, perhaps once a week by phone or email to give their support.

It has made a huge difference to those who were feeling isolated and alone.

We know that there are some grandparents who don’t use the internet or social media and so it is a perfect way to give and receive support. There is no doubt that hearing a friendly voice at the end of the phone is always welcome. Just knowing that someone is going to be in touch is a reason to think in a more positive way.

I would like to personally thank those grandparents who are making such an enormous difference.

Please contact us if you think it is something you would like to be involved in. Here is some guidance :

  • Don’t give any legal advice.
  • Don’t be judgemental.
  • Although we are all going through the same situation, everyone is unique.
  • Think about what helps you and share your ideas.
  • Remember that your conversation is confidential.
  • If someone is clearly having suicidal thoughts, don’t try and deal with it, you need to signpost them to The Samaritans, so have their number at hand. Tel: 08457 90 90
  • If you feel overwhelmed by it all, contact me ASAP
  • Contact me to unload.
  • Above all else, listen.
  • The groups main function is to give support.