You will know that we have regular meetings, we also give support over the phone, email and Skype.

We also have a ‘secret’ Face Book page where only people invited by myself can be members, it can not be found on search engines, so a safe place for people wanting support. It has been going for several years now.

I have been contacted by nearly 2 thousand grandparents to date and have linked up many with other grandparents in their area, I am also very aware that some people don’t use FB so my aim now is setting up a befriending service, contact me for more details.

Contact me via the contact page .

Grandparents will make a commitment to email or phone another grandparent who would like some support once a week.

By doing this I hope to stop the isolation felt when you are denied contact with our grandchildren.

It may be a good time to remind people as well, that we are an independent group, and that our aim is to give support to grandparents who are denied contact, we don’t diversify in other areas, we focus on denied contact with grandchildren, plain and simple, we do what it says on the tin.