Life is a rich tapestry of colours dark and bright, we never know what is around the corner or who might need our help.

There is no substitute for having a conversation with someone to watch their facial expressions and emotions as they converse with you, a two way dialogue.

In the world of instant reply, through the written word on all platforms of social media, often words are misunderstood.

It is so easy to have a knee jerk reaction to something on Twitter or Facebook and hit that post button, only to regret it bitterly 30 seconds later. By then it is too late it is already out there never to be deleted.

If you are actually with someone you read the signals, there are times to speak and times to listen, social media will never be a replacement for human interaction.

I spend far too much time using social media, because of the work we do, and it seems that my newsfeeds ect are becoming increasingly full of negativity, of bad times and people ranting about this and that.

I was reminded this week graphically that we may be going through all sorts of troubles, pain and hurt but there are those who are really faced with intolerable existence.

The photo was of a line of very young children in a land far away, a barren land, they were all kneeing on the ground and drinking from an animal trough of filthy water, and one was able to smile.

How can we possibly think we have got it bad?

The smile on the that child’s face was a smile of hope.

Hope that maybe one day things will be better, that the rain will come and crops will grow, that they will one day have a school to go to, to just survive another day.


We may not as individuals be able to physically help the children in that photo but we can help and support those who ask and we can always have a smile, that smile of hope for a better future.

Just take a moment today and take stock of all that is good in your life.