Over the last 8 years it has been a privilege to ‘meet’ some amazing grandparents, grandparents who may well be going through utter desperation in their own lives, but who are always ready to hold out a hand in friendship with others who are feeling isolated and alone.

We must never underestimate that act of friendship.

Hearing that voice at the end of the phone or receiving an email just for you, when you are having a particularly difficult time is a life line.

Grandparents who can see no future who feel there is nothing worth living for will quickly respond to that call or email, just knowing that someone cares is everything.

We never know the personal battles that others are fighting until we communicate, until we give others a little time and compassion.

Thank you to all of the befrienders for BGSG, it is you who are helping to heal people, to let them see there are good things in their lives to be thankful  for and supporting them with your kindness.