I write a great deal on people getting out there and making a difference, and a good friend of mine is a shining example of doing just that.

When she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s she could have gone down that black spiral that I go on about, but no, she decided to raise awareness in the best possible way.

Someone talking from her own experiences, an expert in her field because she has Parkinson’s.

She started to write a series of children’s books, with wonderful illustrations and child friendly language. The perfect resource to share with grandchildren not only if they have a grandparent in their lives suffering with this debilitating disease, but to all children to get a better understanding.

Having Parkinson’s doesn’t stop you playing in the leaves, collecting shells on the sea shore with your grandchildren, as shown so brilliantly in her books.

The child’s question,”Does it hurt granny,” is answered perfectly.

People like Dawn May, need the recognition they deserve, they are making a difference.

Take a look at her website and please give her all the support you can.